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Long time no update. ♥

I'm finally starting to get into the "meat" of my classes and internship and I'm basically exhausted what feels like all the time now. Working out? Yeah, no. I haven't weighed myself in a few weeks and I don't plan on it for a while. I am eating better at least - or trying to. Not always succeeding.

Monday mornings (at 8 AM ugh) I have Assessment class, which is basically about using different types of assessments with clients (like the Myers-Briggs, depression inventories, suicide ideation inventories, etc). The readings are boring as fuck because there's so much stats in them, but at least the professor tries to make it lively at 8 AM. She's great, and she used to be a school counselor so she relates things to US. Now the folks in the other tracks know how we feel in every other class.

After that is either group or individual supervision, depending on the week. That's going ok because I like my supervisor. This week I have to do a case presentation but it won't be that bad.

Monday afternoons I took a client in the clinic. For internship this semester, we need 120 direct hours, which means me working directly with students. The problem is that school counselors don't really DO that as much as they do everything else, which is paperwork, meetings, etc. Yet we're still expected to get all of those hours. I've been there a month and I have... like 13 direct hours so far. Yeah. That's why I took a client in the clinic at UNCG because that will give me 5 extra direct hours. Which is like nothing but at least I won't be fudging it like I may have to do at the end of the semester. Basically I'm going to rewrite my log and make sure that my hours add up to 120. My internship supervisor has already said that she has no problem with me doing that... and UNCG will never know. So yeah. I'll get my hours. Realizing that now, I never should have taken this client in the clinic because what's fudging 5 more hours? Now I have to prep for this girl, be there, do case notes on her, blah blah. And not only do I not want to be there, SHE freaking doesn't either!! She's like "oh yeah I'm just here for the extra credit." I'm like, well we need something to work on otherwise we're going to sit and stare at each other for five sessions. So she's like "I guess stress management." Ughhh. I can work on MY stress management by not having to deal with YOU every week. I'm really trying not to go into Monday's session irritated because if I do it will color the entire session and it will be bad all around. So I need to get a grip and just put a smile on for the hour - as much as I HATE doing that.

Tuesdays I go to my internship, which I really like. In general my supervisor is really nice. The rest of the department isn't bad either, though there's some kind of drama going on between them all.. idek, I try to stay out of it. The principal is... intimidating. He micromanages. I've been trying to get this Google docs form I created in order to send out an interest survey about which small groups we should offer at the school and the amount of red tape I'm hitting is so frustrating. I shouldn't be shocked, I know how schools are, but we just need to get this shit out already so we can make our group. Otherwise, working with the kids has been great so far. I have several that I see on a regular basis and have been working with a lot of them on college applications. I'm learning a lot about it myself. It's really solidified for me that this is what I want to do.

Wednesday I get to sleep in (aka until like 8) and then I have Substance Abuse class in the afternoon. That's... ok. I like the professor. All my classes are 3 hours long and usually after about 2 I'm mentally checked out. The practicum for this class includes giving something up. I picked naps. I've relapsed... a bunch of times already lol. It's really hard, especially on the weekends. I just lay down and them BOOM nap. We also need to go to 4 AA/Al-Anon etc meetings. I missed the first one because my friend and I were supposed to go last weekend but I woke up with this migraine and a huge headaches, then didn't have any other time to go. Other girls in the class suggested that we go to an open speaker meeting because that tends to have much more people and they don't expect you to participate. Dominiquie and I may try that next Sunday.

Thursday mornings I have Career Counseling class, which in theory should be helpful, and usually is, but the class is sooooooo boring. Maybe it's the professor (who seems very nice) or just that it's late in the week, idk. But ugh after about an hour in there I'm done. So many people are using G-chat and stuff during it (and chatting with people across the room, yes). I'm going to continue to sit towards the back so I can text Hope maybe... though she's at work during that time. After that I go eat lunch somewhere, then go to internship.

Friday I'm at internship all day again. And that's my week. It's busy and tiring. I'm even tired right now.. like I could probably go to bed right now but I really don't want to because my parents were here all day today and I just want to relax and play on the internet.

I only managed to watch 3 shows this week and haven't caught up on anything else yet. Really I only made an effort to watch two, then had to watch the third because my DVR literally could not tape everything I wanted to watch on Thursday lol.

I'll put these behind a cut just in case people are still concerned about spoilers.

You know, I love this show and I was really looking forward to this premiere... and it was great, but Kate is nearing Reid status for me lol. Seeing her in pain hurts me. I prefer the lighthearted episodes of this show, truly. Seeing Kate falter with her gun and be unsure of herself tore me apart. I just wanted to grab her through the screen. I totally knew that she had heard Castle tell her he loved her but wasn't going to cop to it. She's scared, I get it. Plus the show is not going to put them together any time soon, so I wasn't surprised. Hope was mega pissed at her though. And Alexis is going to be ballsy this season, I can tell. Also the new captain? I don't absolutely hate her as much as I expected to, but I don't like her either. She could go away. I certainly wouldn't mind. I'm glad we're back to the lighthearted eps next week though.

SHOOOW! The team is back. <3 And I thought this was a pretty good episode overall. REID WAS A TOTAL BADASS, THUS I WAS HAPPY. His line (which is begging to be made into a "Keep Calm" icon - coming soon) and his shooting Declan's mom in the end - EPIC. Although there's much ado about him supposedly giving Prentiss (and JJ) the cold shoulder in the next ep, though I didn't see it in this ep at all. Definitely saw it from Morgan though. The ep seemed so Morgan/Prentiss shippy to me and I was like, dnw. Reid/Prentiss, ok? There was a scene where they were looking at Doyle through the glass and Reid's phone goes off... I want to know what they said to each other BEFORE that (fanfic? lol). Supposedly Reid's dealing with issues with his mom next week. My hope is that this is the crux of the headache plot and they'll finally put it to bed. Also give the boy a girlfriend. Just do it, CM. But make her super cute.

Speaking of, I have so little of a life that I'm thinking of making a journal for a CM OC that's been floating around in my brain. I created her as a love interest for Reid (duh).. just hope she's not too much of a Mary Sue or anything. Plus what the heck would I even do with this girl?

Community was.. weird. Dark. And not that funny, tbh. Jeff went insane. The Abed side plot with "Doctor Who" was kind of amusing, especially with him watching like 20 seconds of it and then declaring that it was the best show ever, lololol. But yeah, do better, Community.

I still have on the DVR New Girl, X-Factor, Big Bang Theory and Prime Suspect (figured I'd give it a shot). Will I watch all of this by tomorrow? Probably not. So yeah, I'll be behind as usual. X-Factor may end up getting cut (by me) because I'm actually not too pumped about it.. it looks like America's Got Talent. o.O And I still have to finish Firefly and two seasons of Castle.. then I have Rizzoli & Isles and Parks and Rec on my list next. I'm wondering if I should just cancel Netflix, because I've had "Morning Glory" for like 2 weeks at least now and still haven't watched it, but there's so many movies coming out soon that I want to watch.

Still trying to figure out what's going on for Halloween this year, but I really want to be Kaylee Frye. I've already started collecting costume items, despite not having a party to go to yet. If I was talented at sewing I could do her "Shindig" dress, but as I'm not, I'm just doing her outfit from the first ep. I found a shirt that's not exact of course, but is Kaylee-ish at WalMart (the pink one). Coveralls are proving more difficult. WalMart only had separate pieces and I'm kind of hesitant to buy one online. I'm not sure whether I'm a small or medium. I'd think small, but I have boobs and these things are made for men, who do not have boobs lol. There's an Army/Navy store near campus so I'm going to check them out on Monday. Other than that, I need her parasol, which I think i'm going to try to paint myself (scary) and the Chinese jacket... which may be difficult. There are very few on ebay and they're a bit pricy. I really don't want to spend more than $20 on the jacket. I also need to get her bear patch, but there are a few sources for that, so I'm good for now. Lol I totally don't have time to be putting a costume together, yet I'm doing it anyway. XD

Hope you all are well! ♥
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