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Aug. 12th, 2012 08:59 pm
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About time that I did this. This is mostly for my reference.

Current Muses
Spencer Reid | Criminal Minds
currently played at | canon point
[ profile] hearts_andminds | post 6x24 "Supply and Demand".
[personal profile] teleios | post 8x10 "The Lesson".

Status: Active. Reid is and always will be my baby. He's current and up to date and there would be a possibility of him being apped to other games, my time permitting.

On LJ » [ profile] numbersnfigures
On DW » [personal profile] numbersnfigures
Richard Castle | Castle
currently played at | canon point
[personal profile] asgardeventide | post 4x22 "Undead Again"
[personal profile] beyondtherift | post 4x23 "Always"
[ profile] hearts_andminds | post 4x21 "Headhunters"

Status: Active. I'm loving Castle right now. Three games is good for him, but if he were to drop any, I'd be actively looking for another place to put him.

On LJ » [ profile] ruggdlyhndsome
On DW » [personal profile] ruggedly_handsome
Kaylee Frye | Firefly
currently played at | canon point
[ profile] hearts_andminds | post 1x14 "Objects In Space"

Status: Semi-Active. I play her at one game, mostly due to the fact that she has nearly a full cast there, but I don't feel that she's a particularly strong voice of mine. Not actively seeking games for her right now.

On LJ » [ profile] shinyoptimist
On DW » N/A
Dr. Maura Isles | Rizzoli & Isles
currently played at | canon point

Status: Semi-Active. She will become more active once I catch up to her current canon point.

On LJ » N/A
On DW » [personal profile] fashionably_dead
Maeve | Criminal Minds
currently played at | canon point

Status: Semi-Active. We don't know much about her but I was impatient and made a journal lol. I doubt she'll be sent to a game, but I'll want to PSL/musebox with her once we know more about her character.

On LJ » N/A
On DW » [personal profile] shewhointoxicates
Emma Bloom | Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children
currently played at | canon point

Status: Inactive. I made Emma's journal on a whim and I definitely don't have plans to send her anywhere or even to d_m with her. She's not dead only because I believe that more books/movies are coming from this canon and that could cause her voice to grow louder for me.

On LJ » [ profile] peculiarfire
On DW » [personal profile] peculiarfire

Former Muses
James Norrington | Pirates of the Caribbean
Quinn Fabray | Glee
Ashley Seaver | Criminal Minds

Codes by [ profile] betterdolphin

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